Monday, October 4, 2010

Book 34: Medium Raw

I finished this some time ago and forgot to review it. I was only reminded of my lack of documentation because I had a sex dream about the author that was so shockingly filthy that I apologized to my husband the next day. I will not be blogging that.

Medium Raw is another installment from Anthony Bourdain. He has developed a better focus for his punk-rock rage and learned to apply compassion sparingly but appropriately. I both loved and hated his chapter on McDonalds. Well, I hated myself for the rather unpleasant amount of fast food I get for the kids. I have cut down though since we got a pizza place near us that always has cheese pizzas ready to go. I would dearly love to send my kids to uncle Tony's for a week so he could break them down. Picky little creeps.

Edited to add that this was in my drafts folder and I just never got around to posting it. Sigh. Rough year for writing.