Sunday, September 11, 2011

Things I Find Baffling

There is a new interface  now, if you are blogging, instead of getting a smallish text box with a lot of business around it, you get a smallish text box with a lot of white space around it.  I can see that those with writer's block or performance anxiety might be losing their crap right now. The tags are easier to select if you use a set of them.  Other than that, I am not sure if this is progress or just change.  I am in favor of progress, opposed to change for its own sake.

I am baffled that no matter how much of an asshole someone is, that Jesus loves them anyhow.  There seem to be an excess of assholes around me lately.  It's a constant struggle not to be an asshole back.  Good thing  I read "The No Asshole Rule".  If you work as part of a team that is in crisis, I highly endorse it.

I don't understand why the last 10 rows are so daunting on my current 2 projects.  I am just slogging along.  

I find it baffling that there are so few washable striping yarns.  If I want to make a mitered crosses blanket that is machine washable, I am relegated to making it on sock yarn and teeny tiny needles.  I think I shall pass on that.  I have not ruled out hobby lobby's "I Love This Yarn!" despite the irrational exuberance of its name.

I am also confused that anyone thinks jingoistic flag-waving makes them seem like they have contributed anything.  I don't care if we are talking about 9-11, the environment, or the jobs market.  Facebook Slactivism is on my last nerve.

I don't understand why I have totally lost the love for my little book reports.  I still clipping along at the rate of about a book every week, but I'm keen on the paperwork of keeping track.