Sunday, May 27, 2012

Not that kind of shrub

IMAG0633.jpg, originally uploaded by fudh4x0r.

I just strained my first batch of shrub. (A colonial era method for preserving fruit where you steep it with vinegar and sugar and drink it later mixed with water and possibly a little hooch.)

I made it with a bag of frozen mixed berries, 3/4 cup turbinado sugar, and 1 1/2 cups vinegar. I basically chucked it in the fridge, giving it a little shake now and again over the course of 3 weeks. I am having 4T in a pint of club soda. It's delicious.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Winner: Iz Won

I won a copy of the new Jill Shalvis book from Dear Author!  I have just started reading book one and so far it is a great read.  I'm a sucker for construction/renovation themes.  The Home Repair is Murder books are good for mystery fans, by the by.  I guess I need to hit the bookstore/library/innerwebs for books 2 and 3 so that book 4 makes sense.   I haven't been getting through many books.  Actually, I have a little case of startitis.  I am in progress on 4 books. 

The first subject I'm reading on  summer reading for kids.  The Chuckster is not a huge fan of reading, so finding him something is a challenge.  The Augster is big time into the fantasy/sci-fi genre, so finding him stuff that is both good and age appropriate is a challenge.  James Patterson has a site called Read, Kiddo, Read! with excellent recommendations for little dudes.  Nancy Pearl's blog has great recommendations, but is a little light on the organization.  I do love a tag-cloud something fierce.  Of course, you can also sign up for recommendations from the Omaha Public Library, or presumably your local library.  Caldecott and Golden Sower awards have their lists of past winners on their websites also. 

The next subject I'm reading on is really an undisciplined sort of gang of work related topics.  LEAN, group dysfunction, automated test tools, testing methodology, IT Culture, Women in IT.  I haven't been happy with any of the personal development plans I've written since I came over to IT from the business, mostly because my department reorganizes a lot. I've reported to 9 different people in 7 years.  Some of them more than once.    Every manager has different ideas for what I should be doing, but I don't get to stick with one long enough to make any traction.  One course of action is to write my own and present it as a done deal.  Or you know, I could opt out of doing it inside my employer's system and maintain total dominion.  Presenting it as a done deal carries the challenge of sticking to my plan and tactfully refusing suggestions.  Tactful. . . . hmmmmmm.  Opting out presents the challenge of paying for it myself and finding my own time to get shit done.  I notice that the most productive bloggers in terms of writing tend to be contractors who are hitting software in a variety of industries.  A lot of testing focused bloggers also split time with speaking, writing, and working.  I am not interested in being a public speaker.  Well, I am not interested in traveling around to speak.  You're all invited to come over for a beer to talk about testing. 

As far as yarn goes, Hitchhiker is an excellent knit for variegated yarns.  Sadly, I am quite prone to purling the first stitch on each row instead of just on the pointy side.  I'm on the 32nd point of the 42.  I'd show you a picture, but my phone is sulking.  I put it in time out.  (Note to HTC Incredible Overlords:  your constant changes to the OS of this phone don't seem to make it any better, so knock that shit off.)

How funny is it that the spell check of Blogger doesn't recognize 'bloggers' as a correct word?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Book 22: Let's Pretend This Never Happened

Do you read The Bloggess?  No?  Click the link.  I'll wait.

Jenny Lawson's memoir is screamingly funny.  I am torn between wanting to make all my friends read it and not.  If they read it, they will certainly find me less weird.  On the other side of that equation, if they read it, they will certainly find me less funny too. 

Jenny grew up in Texas with the  most profoundly weird father since Gomez Addams.  Can you handle reading about taxidermy?  What about a duck that gets eaten by hoboes?  The story of her courtship with Victor is very sweet.  And there is a chapter about her pug, Barnaby, that made me cry and laugh and cry and laugh. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

In Dreams

Last night, I dreamed I was had by Zeus.  I had twins and one of them was a black swan.  (The other one was a boy, human.) Jason was not pleased.   In my defense it went down in Ireland and Zeus was really funny.  And a god. 

I'd been listening to Irish public radio and the announcer had been interviewing Pagans about some change coming.  She was rather rude about it "Have you ever seen Pan?"  "Maybe your baby is a fairy changeling" etc.  I turned off the radio and went to walk past the docks to a swimming cove and saw him out of the corner of my eye.

Then it was flash forward to the awkward moment in the delivery room when I was handed a swan and a boy.  So the sexytime happenings were but a memory and not truly part of the dream.