Monday, April 23, 2012


I have started the  Wingspan pattern from Tri'Coterie Designs and it is fun.  I am doing my short rows with the holes.  I would like to learn a hole-free technique, but I think for this project, the holes are fine.  I have, like many knitters, a crapton of sock yarn, so I've also bought the Hitchhiker's set of patterns from Martina Behm.  I will probably get some new short row techniques for the Hitchhiker and the Lintilla.  (I may make Trillian first though.  I really like that one and have a pretty green and purple yarn for it.  I must say that it is rough that many of the patterns call for The Elusive Wollmeise yarn, seldom found in the wild and rarely found for trade unless the colors are Too Much For Me.) 

Knitting the wingspan, I got a small way into my 7th triangle and found I had dropped a stitch  that was supposed to be slipped and it fell so far that I had to rip back to the first third of the 6th triangle. The yarn giveth and the yarn taketh away.

I am using the e-wrap to cast on new stitches and I think I'd have preferred something a bit firmer. 

I'm using some hand dyed sock yarn from a local vendor who no longer vends.  It has a looser twist than I can sometimes handle, but the colors are great.  Green flecked with Blue-Brown-Gold. 

Using my first Addi Turbo Lace needle.  The hype:  I GET IT.

Lately while I knit I've been watching Inspector Morse mysteries or episodes of Foyle's War.  Morse really needs to stop sleeping with suspects. 

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