Sunday, August 26, 2012

Disappointment and Improvisation

Once the baktus was finished, I put it in the sink to soak and the colors ran into a muddled horrible mess. I pulled it out and squeezed it before too much ran out and blocked it on the ironing board, folded in half. I tried resoaking it with a color catching sheet and it didn't help.  I tried putting it in the washer on delicate with the color catching sheet and it looks WORSE. The colors ran more and the yarn fuzzed out like a 14 yr old boy.  All that work and the yarn just looks like total shit.  I am considering an overdye of blue to make it a blue and green affair, but I am still pissed off that the dyer didn't set the dye properly and the washing instructions were a wicked lie.

I cast on the Bold and Bulky Mini Cardi using the recommended yarn in dark gray.  I started it intending only to modify it by making it longer, and giving it long sleeves instead of 3/4 length. That plan has gone quite out the window.  I've gone up from a 13 to a 17 in needle size.  I've twisted the yarn overs when knitting them to eliminate the holes.  I added 2 short rows to the back since it was riding up a bit.  I have 5 skeins of the dark gray, and 2 skeins of light gray for the contrast trim.  I'm an overbuyer of yarn.  I believe I will make the entire sweater in the dark gray and use the light gray for some easy Christmas gifts or something.  I am pretty sureI will have at least 1 extra skein of the dark gray as well.  The pattern is easy-peasy to follow.  It would be an excellent sweater for a first time sweater knitter.  The only sweaters I've made before are the cruelly misnamed Five Hour Baby Sweater and the incredibly clever Baby Surprise Jacket. 

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