Friday, December 27, 2013

Don't Call It a Comeback!

I've decided to resume my musings, you know, for both of my fans.  I found it difficult to keep up with what I've read when I don't have a good central place to track it.  Did I read 52 books in 52 weeks?  NO IDEA!

What did I knit?  4 shawls for my aunts, a pair of  ankle socks for Chuck, 5 baby hats for donation and 2 scarves.  I have too many things in progress, one hat for a friend, one cape for my niece, 2 shawls for myself, a pair of socks for myself and a cardigan for myself.  I also have gathered materials and patterns for a couple of large afghans that I am just crazy enough to make in non-superwash wool. What?  I have a bathtub.

Primarily I shut this down due to having a lot going on.  2013 kind of  sucked. Disclosing only what is  mine to disclose,  there were three hospital stays, a couple of PIC lines, a sigmoid colon removal, an age related hearing loss diagnosis, 2 dead cats, and no luck on our house hunting this year.

Right now I am collecting new year's rituals for good luck.

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  1. Well I'll just post funny pictures here instead of emailing them.