Wednesday, January 15, 2014

First Finished Object

At one time, I was able to write a blog post from a flickr link. . .now flickr links are not accepted for photos by blogger.  Here is a photo.  I semi-improvised this cape for my 5 year old niece.  I started with a pattern for a top down raglan cardigan and fiddled around till I got a gauge I liked.  The yarn is Regia Vulcano 6 ply. It's a nice superwash/nylon blend in sports weight and best of all, it comes in a 150 g put up.

I ended up using a size 6 US needle.  The needle was my brand new Caspian from knit picks.  It is just as nice as their other needles, a different color is all.  Now, I love my original Harmonies, but I knit a lot of purple stuff.  I got some Symphonies when they first came out and the sizing was inconsistent, but still, mostly good interchangeable needles for the price.  So as it stands, I have 2 complete sets of Harmonies, one of Symphony and one of Caspians.  I would rather knit with shitty yarn than shitty needles.

So, I cast on 36,  I knitted 6 rows for the collar and then the rest is stockinette with a 4 stitch garter band on either side.  I did the raglan increases until it looked approximately like where the stitches would go onto holders to be used for sleeves later.  I didn't put the stitches onto holders, instead I put a few more increase rows in and then I knit straight down until the amount of yarn I had looked like approximately 1/3 of the yarn.  I got out my trusty kitchen scale and weighed the ball, then I knitted 10 rows and weighed it again and I determined that each row used 2 grams of yarn.  I knew I wanted to do a feather and fan border, four repeats of four rows each plus a row to cast off and a smallish amount of yarn for an i-cord button loop, so I knew to start the border at 35 grams of yarn.  I ended up casting off 1 row early so that I did just the one row after the eyelets.   I picked up stitches on the back of the border to graft in the i-cord loop for the button.  I fitted it as I went along.  The button is just a pink flower button I found at walmart.

This yarn was very prone to blooming when wet, though I am pleased to report the color was mostly fast, just a tiny tinge to the soaking water.  It could have blocked even larger, but my niece is pretty shrimpy, like the rest of the family.  The feather and fan opened up really nicely and the shape held without any pins at all. Instead of a fancy blocking mat, I used a floor mat from harbor freight.

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