Thursday, April 30, 2009

On the Rag April

My finished object for April is a pair of matching cotton dishrags for my mother in law. I just did the bias-stockinette pattern with YO increases. My decreases are all goofy. I really wish the resources for left handed knitters were a little better. These don't even match!

On the plus side, most dishrag patterns are easy enough for mindless tv knitting. They are small enough to fit in my purse as well.

I used the Hobby Lobby brand "I Love This Cotton!" This stuff is way softer than Lily. It does have a tendency to fuzz out in the wash a bit. I think the stiffness of Lily cotton is what keeps a stockinette dishcloth from curling up like a roly-poly. So these are a little curled. I think the remainder of the skein I will use for another one with some other color. It's a very pretty color way.

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