Saturday, April 25, 2009

Stash Flash

I recorded my stash today, complete with photos. It's all on Ravelry. I still have a lot of the pictures on my camera. For some reason, they don't all go to the memory card. Where is the cable? Grrrr. One of the shots stuck on there is the Stash Flash-- all the yarn spread out on the futon in happy ziplock bags (take that moths!). I chucked the needle bucket on there as well.

I didn't ravelry-stash the yarn that's completely knitted up and out of my hands. Altogether, I have 115 skeins of yarn. That was rather more than I thought I had. Granted, they are all of differing sizes and prices. Around 1/3 of the total weight was given to me or purchased with gift certificates. I need to get cracking on knitting it.

I've been working on a series of little knits for April. Those which I finish this month I will post on the 30th.

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