Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Seeing Connections Where There Are None

There was a movie I saw once, I think called Pi, where a guy got so awesome at math from studying the Torah that he could sense every pattern on earth.  It drove him to self-trepanation. My takeaway from the movie?  The Torah wouldn't fit on a floppy. This is why I should start shopping for a dremel of my own.

Today's Connection-- Gauge Swatches are the QA of Knitting. 

I do QA for a living.  I also do my little swatches as soon as I get some yarn.  However, I got some superspecial hand-dyed yarn.  It's rayon-cotton-linen and I thought I'd do an open wrap in a seafoam stitch, lenghtwise.  (Cast-on 296 stitches! Cast-off 296 stitches! Pure madness.) So I did my swatch with some practice yarn.  I essentially went down my least favorite crazypath from work- Sub Standard Test Environment.  On Purpose!  I deserve a dopeslap for this.

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