Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Book 21: Which Brings Me To You

Another Epistolary! Jane and John meet at a wedding, get naked, and decide to put the brakes on that and get to know each other with letters. I was dismayed that the letters were restricted to confessions about their mishaps in love. I am not a big fan of confession of that nature. (All for the Papist Version!)

There is so much more to a person's life and history than just the love stuff. Also, in the words of Adam Corolla and Dr. Drew: More Mystery, Less History.

The letters though are quite funny. There were a few episodes of snorting, which invariably lead to my husband requesting I read to him what just happened, which he has no reference for, so it's not that funny to him. It takes the whole book to appreciate some of the humor in this. Just as it takes my whole history to appreciate some of the humor in me.

Some of the confessional letters are so real that they are cringeworthy. And some of the confessions are the kinds of things you don't confess! JUST REPRESS. Jesus, when I say "You need to filter" that is a bad, bad sign.

I found the ending somewhat lacking. I finished the book on Saturday and here I am writing the review Tuesday night. I can't put my finger on it. I do think that the two crazy kids in here got a bit too worked up and overthought themselves. (Overthinking, underacting-- classic Hamlet Syndrome) It wasn't that the ending wasn't real. It was just. . . unsatisfying. There was a lot of stuff crammed in there, stuff that would have maybe played out well on film but not so well on the page.

I do recommend this based just on the hotness of the opening not-quite-sex-scene. Plus the time John's Cock Wrote The Letter.

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