Sunday, June 28, 2009

Book 24: Swish

I reserved Swish from the library so that I could read it, pick my favorite part, and thus gain access to the author's Super Secret Blog. So I went to the OPL website and put it on hold. Reader, I was not first in line! I had to wait.

As I read Swish, I keep thinking 'This is my favorite part.' And then 'Oh, THIS is my favorite part.' "No wait, it's this part.' Plus, I'm learning all sorts of things about sex that I've wondered about for years. And by sex, I mean gay sex. (I know about the straight type, more or less.)

The cover has been changed and a forward added by Sir! Elton! John! I may need to buy it so I can read that. The cover I picked up from the library elicited some eye widening from the librarian. Sorry, Ms. Jones.

I am still not sure what was my favorite part. The themes of longing and belonging are in every chapter and the contrast of those two feelings is what made it speak to me. I'd recommend the chapters "On Camp Camp" and "On Musical Theater". The former for the description of the final promenade at Camp. The later for discussion of Asah and Bara, the two words for Creation in Hebrew.

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