Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Like The Bee

I am busy, busy, busy. Like the Bee. But not that annoying one in the allergy commercial. More Like This One. God, how I love Bessie. She's AWSHUM!!

I should get badges in general hausfrauery, overtime, and knitting dishrags. I've knitted up 3 more of them. I think I learned a lot from my mistakes in these. Well, I also learned that I am really bad at counting. I need to dig up the camera and take pictures. I am almost done with a keyhole scarf as well.

In the realm of books, I am part way into 2 right now and nearing completion on them. Still behind in the challenge. Sigh. Soon though it will be too hot to run around as much and reading should pick back up for a couple months.

Work is work is work is work. The only things I can count on there is overload, training contractors (which I'm not great at).

In other news, I get to drive My Husband's Subaru this week! My car is parked at his shop while he is out of town this week. He figured if one car has to be poised for theft, it should be mine-- it's worth less and has more equity. I sincerely doubt someone is going to steal Desmond the Bratmobile. It's domestic, stick shift, 4 door, with 2 car seats in it.

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