Saturday, October 3, 2009


If my math is correct, that is how many stitches this Big Pinwheel Blanket will contain. I am not including the kitchener stitches I plan to use to graft the ends of the applied i-chord bind off, as they are more sewn than knit. Again, more math here, but I am about 22,000 stitches into this thing. It's looking like I'll have used about 650 grams of Swish Bulky in Cypress and Honeydew.

I've mostly used the plain pinwheel pattern from Ravelry-- cast on 6 stitches, join and in round two K1 M1 to end. Round 3 and all other odd rounds, k. Every even row, knit while increasing by 12 stitches per row with evenly spaced YOs. The Ravelry examples used more cast on stitches. I didn't like the hole that left in the center of the blanket. There were also fewer increases in the alternate rows-- 7, 8, 10. I just like 12, because it's half of my favorite number, 24.

Swish Bulky is a fantastic yarn. It is pretty easy on my hands so far. The knit picks interchangeable harmony needles are smooth without excessive slickness. The cables are a dream-- thin and flexible. They are also really pretty needles. I still like looking at them after Twenty Two Thousand Stitches!

I have gotten quite behind in the reading due to this 'little' project. I have not been knitting much else besides it. I am probably not going to make it for the 52 books challenge unless I lay off the knitting a bit.

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