Saturday, October 31, 2009

Book 41: Soulless

There is a certain Steampunk Sensibility about this book, the first in a series. Lots of gadgety things and Victorian science. Question: Does anyone write stand alone novels in the fantasy or mystery genres? Everything has to be a series.

So, the protagonist has no soul and is Italian. The premise of this series is that Vampires and Werewolves have an excess of soul, allowing them to survive the initial transformation and live on and on. Alexia, the heroine, having no soul is preternatural, rather than supernatural. Her touch allows her to suppress the supernaturality (sure that's a word) of Vampires and Werewolves.

The love interest/guy who initially irritates Alexia is a werewolf and also works for the supernatural regulatory branch of Queen Victoria's regime. There is a whole lot of exposition around systems of government and self rule among the Supernatural Set. Hives, packs, blah blah y blah.

I spent much of the book having theological sort of pangs about poor Alexia's lack of a future. You know, in the very, very long term. I don't care for this idea of the human soul being measurable and that there are inequalities of soul among us. I am just religious enough to believe that we are endowed with a soul by our Creator, and that it lives on after our bodies crap out. I also believe in fairness and that while this world is full of unfairness that the next world will not have such a thing. God: The Creator of the Even Steven.

I have no artistic objection to the book, but I just don't think the series is for me.

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