Friday, December 11, 2009

Commercials Which Must Be Stopped

Kit Kat-- the one with the VILE, DISGUSTING chewing noises. Nasty. I can no longer face the kit kat, even the rare dark chocolate kit kat, without a shudder of revulsion.

This PSA:

Not just "NO" but "FUCK NO!" I want a present for Christmas, not an invasive scrape in my ladybusiness. If you must celebrate the festive season by honoring my ladybusiness then go for something buzzy.

Anything with the plastic Burger King Stalker. God, he's creepy.

The Lexus December to Remember Series. First of all, the sales for these are run every year. That makes it December As Usual. Secondly, who buys a car for someone? I have preferences! I despise the drive, look, and seats of my husband's car and I cannot imagine what he would come home with if allowed to select a car for me.

All the diamond crap. Shouldn't they show the real reason men buy women jewelry? You know, he pulls out the box and she hits her knees. Goods for Services. That's not very Christmassy.

The new one for splashless clorox. A woman wears a dress that probably requires a corset while pouring bleach into a pyrex measuring cup. Then the announcer calls the product liberating. This makes me want to build a bleach based incendiary device.

Any commercial that mocks nerds. I am looking at you Mac Guy. You can piss right off. And I consider the guy playing the PC to be a traitor to his nerdly people.

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