Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Book 48: American On Purpose

I am not much for late night television. Mainly because I am very much for sleep. Especially in quantities that can be described as 'adequate'. I have seen a few clips of Craig Ferguson on YouTube but I will probably never be a regular viewer. I saw a bit of stand up a couple of months ago and he mentioned his book. I promptly put it on hold at the library. As a Scott, he should appreciate my thrift.

The book is a pretty straight forward autobiographical thing. It is refreshingly free of excuse making. He's certainly fucked up a lot over the years but he does not blame anyone but himself. Also blessedly devoid of navel gazing and hand wringing. God I hate that shit.

Ferguson over and over expresses gratitude and bemusement that so many people have been so good to him over the years. It was especially sweet to read of how much he clearly loved his parents, and thought them genuinely good people.

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