Saturday, February 14, 2009

4th Book: Bad Jobs

The Fourth Book is Bad Jobs, a collection of essays, poems, and cartoons about work written in 1998. There was a window, between when I graduated from KU and when the internet exploded to life when people were finishing college and then going on to McJobs.

I had some bad jobs in those days as well-- phone centers, temping, retail. Still, I don't think I was such a. . . douche. Oh the baggery of these folks. I am tempted to google their asses and see if they are still failures. Even when I hated my jobs with every fiber of my being I was not about to steal from my employer or create a health hazard (note: don't get crushed ice at the store, ever) or get high at work. What a waste of weed! They are all angry that they didn't leave college and get fantastic jobs, but you have to wonder if they were functional enough to get through the interview process for a fantastic job.

I am way, way behind in the 52 books in 52 Weeks Challenge. Sigh.

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