Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Misery loves company, or peanut butter. At work, I have no company. And now peanut butter could kill you. My team of 5 was cut to 2 people. The other survivor sits on the other side of a 'wall'. And by wall I mean, fabric, hollow core, less than 6 ft high, but taller than I am, beige or maybe gray. Who can tell?

Every week I have the honor of logging my time in 15 minute increments. I decided to log as Department Administration what was "Time Crying In Bathroom".

One of my coworkers didn't answer the email I sent him and it makes me sad. I know! WHINER. I am complaining about my feeeeeeeeeeeeeelings and he doesn't have a job. Still I am a pack animal and I have no pack. I am not really a lone wolf type. My other former coworker is the kind of guy who knows God Has A Plan. Hey good for him, but I believe in Free Will and that sometimes The Plan Sucks. (I believe those with the faith of a child call it Being Tested.) So the Faithful One has called and I think he is out there knocking on doors. He is an excellent networker and not afraid to ask for help from his extended support circle when warranted.

A number of other great people not on my team were let go. I can't help but wondering if I am the new cabin boy on the Ship of Fools.

The other survivors are kind of babying me, which is sweet. I didn't expect that of the geeks.

In other Misery News, I fell on the ice whilst walking Barkimedes and quite likely have whiplash. Just enough pain not to be killed by ibuprofen, not enough for vicodin at work. I am trying to resist the urge to go back and yell at the homeowner, but I should probably leave them a note, because if it had been a postal worker or a little old lady who fell, they'd be in for a world of legal pain.

It's hard to concentrate on books. I have picked up and discarded several, which is not like me. So I've been working on reading a book comprised of the letters between HL Mencken and his wife, Sara.

I'm also knitting something really adorable! But it's not done yet! I learned short rows! They weren't that hard!

Actually, I learned them last night after taking vicodin for my neck pain. So I learned them a teensy bit altered.

My first Finished Object of the Year is a Trifold Mobius. It is crocheted of varigated pink chenille, so clearly not for me. I was pleased with the gauge of it. The Yarn Snobs hate chenille, and accuse it of all sorts of treachery during the knitting process, but I didn't find it difficult to work with other than being too attractive to the animals. My presentation for photos could use some work. . . . but I finally learned how to get pictures off of my camera with Vista. Also not too hard, just one of those things that The Spouse usually does.

Speaking of animals. . .the Kids Are Alright. And We Don't Need No Education.

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