Sunday, February 15, 2009


Say you want to knit a dishcloth with a whale on it. Say you download some knitting graph paper (and yes, it has to be special for knitting because the stitches are not square, but vertical rectangles). Then you create your chart so you can make the background stockinette and the whale reverse stockinette. After this you write down the instructions for each row. And you cast on and kick it into gear. Well, if you are a moron, like me, you will notice after a few inches, that things just don't look right. And if you are a tool, like me, you will throw (or pick) good yarn after bad and keep on keepin' on with some kind of faith that the piece will improve. Only after a bigass glass of pinot grigio will you realize that U R DUM.

Those directions? They ignore the fact that at the end of each odd row, you turn the work and make the even rows on the wrong side. So each even row should follow the chart RIGHT TO LEFT. NOT LEFT TO RIGHT.



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