Monday, February 23, 2009

5th Book: Coraline

I've seen the movie twice now, in 3-D and I just really love it. It's magical and creepy and beautiful. Also? TINY HAND KNITTED STUFF. OMG!! SQWEEEEE!!!! TEH AWESOME!!!!!!1@!! It has a couple of great songs. The voicing is well done.

I also read the graphic novel alongside the actual book. So there is my 5th book. I never read anything by Neil Gaimon before and I'm not sure why. Really, how foolish of me!

Last night I swatched up my sample for the February Lady Sweater. I get just 1/5 more stitch per inch than suggested. If I change to a different sized needle then I'll just have fewer stitches per inch.

I plan to work on the 3 most popular patterns of the web-- Calorimetry, FLS, and the Clapotis. Which I call The Clap, because I'm a dirty, dirty girl.

I found my missing FO. Then I took pictures. Then Charlie took my camera to take pictures of his Thomas the Tank Engine O Scale train. I can't find it! HE HAS CAUSED CONFUSION AND DELAY!

In kiddie literature, I must recommend Goodnight Goon for those sick of Goodnight Moon.

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