Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Yarn Snobs

What. The. Eff. STEP OFF. Hand to God, the fiber snob debate is like some nerdy, snotty, condescending version of Groundhog Day. Without jokes.

Look, bitches, we are all pulling the same end of the rope here. Let's not drop it and start fighting among ourselves. THEN THE SCRAPBOOKERS WILL WIN!

We're all knitters. So what do you care if I want to knit with acrylic blends? Or big box wool? Or the lamentably named "I LOVE THIS COTTON!" As a beginning knitter, I prefer to work in inexpensive, serviceable yarns. I am pretty sure what I would do to Noro would be criminal at this point. I know that if you handed me a skein of cashmere, I would be so afraid of screwing it up I would be paralyzed with self-doubt.

I am uninterested in buying yarns from farms where the sheep live better than I do. I am uninterested in subsidizing someone else living their dream in Vermont while I work in a cube farm. I MEAN REALLY.

I did clean out the 90th and Maple Hobby Lobby's clearance supply of Lion Wool in Cream, Cadet Blue, and a pinkish print colorway.

I was also pleased to see some new lines of Yarn Bee which are wool blends. I bought some "snowflake" which is 56% wool, 22% polyester, and 22% PTT. What is that fiber? I don't know. I am cautiously optimistic it will give me mutant superhero powers. Good ones, not lame ones like the ability to smell fear. That would be gross.

I swatched up a few rows and it feels nice-- soft and slightly sprongy. I swatched it up on a 4 instead of a 5 because I like a snug gauge. I think I will work on socks when I have a BATHROOM and all.

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