Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Book 27: Blood Alone

My favorite of my vacation reads! (Though I still have 4 more days and hope to knock out another book) This may be the best of the Billy Boyle books yet. This time, Billy comes to in Sicily with amnesia. I know! I normally despise the literary device of amnesia. James Benn does a stellar job though.

Billy is on a mission for Uncle Ike, rather than in Sicily to solve a mystery. He has a yellow silk handkerchief and must find out who gave it to him, why he was given it, and to whom he is supposed to deliver it. Meanwhile, people keep either getting killed or trying to kill him and there is a war going on. Italians are surrendering right and left, but the Fascist Government is still deeply in denial. Billy figures it all out, but he also figures out who he is, and what he's really made of.

I don't know what else I can say about this book that won't be a spoiler. I do hope that ultimately, when World War II is over, that Billy can have some Cold War adventures with Ike and Kaz and Harding.

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