Sunday, November 22, 2009

Book 45: Manhunting

Normally, I like Jennifer Cruisie. She writes some of the only funny contemporary romances out there. Also? No Goddamn Vampires. Yay. This one. . . meh. I think there was just too much attention to career angst. She's in mergers and acquisitions at daddy's firm, but longs for the days when she was just a small business consultant. Apparently she has a metric assload of money. He used to be an accountant or some such but started a hotel with his brother but he's finally getting bored in his semi-retirement. He manages the groundskeepers for the golf course. It's all first world bullshit. These are not problems I relate to. Somehow, I doubt anyone is writing romance novels featuring software testers on the brink of being outsourced. There's a bunch of really ridiculous feeeeeeeeelings stuff about baggage from past relationships. Not nearly enough sex. Also there is fishing.

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